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registry viewerAlien Registry Viewer


Alien Registry Viewer v3.6.660
released on 7/17/2011
demo (440 Kb)
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Alien Registry Viewer
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What is Alien Registry Viewer?

Alien Registry Viewer is similar to the RegEdit application included into Windows, but unlike RegEdit, it works with standalone registry files. While RegEdit shows the contents of the system registry, Alien Registry Viewer works with registry files copied from other computers. Alien Registry Viewer can be extremely useful for system administration and forensic computer examination purposes.

The current version of Alien Registry Viewer works in the read-only mode, i.e. you can view but you cannot edit registry files.

Using Alien Registry Viewer

The system registry resides in several files. There are two registry files in old Windows 95/98/Me : system.dat and user.dat. User.dat contains the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive while system.dat contains all other hives. Both these files can be found in the Windows directory.

Newer Windows versions (NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win7) the system registry resides in the following files:

NTUSER.DAT - this file contains the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive. Normally the NTUSER file has a 'hidden' attribute and therefore is invisible in Explorer. This file is located in the user profile folder.

All the following files are located in %SysRoot%\System32\config folder:

SAM. - this file contains the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIVE\SAM hive

SOFTWARE.  this file contains the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIVE\SOFTWARE hive

SECURITY. this file contains the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIVE\SECURITY hive

COMPONENTS. - this file contains the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIVE\COMPONENTS hive (optional)

BCD-TEMPLATE - this file contains the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\BCD00000000 hive (optional)

SYSTEM. this file contains all other keys of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIVE (such as SYSTEM)

To view registry files use the File|Open menu command. You will be prompted to choose one or more of the seven registry files to open. You should specify at least one registry file to proceed. You can omit one or more files, however, if you do, the corresponding registry keys will not be available.

The user interface of Alien Registry Viewer is straightforward and similar to that of RegEdit. Alien Registry Viewer allows you to explore registry files, search for specific key names and values, export registry data into a .REG or text file and bookmark registry keys as favorites.


  • As well as the above mentioned files, Windows uses hidden files with the same names and extensions .log, .log1, log2. These files contain the latest changes made to the registry, they are used when it is necessary to restore the registry to its previous condition. The current version of Alien Registry Viewer doesn't support reading these files, therefore, the latest changes which were not made in the main files, will not be visible. This problem will be fixed in the next version.

  • Alien Registry Viewer shows all the keys available in the registry files, for example, you can explore the contents of the SAM hive. If you use RegEdit, many keys are unavailable due to security restrictions.

  • If you want to print the registry, use the 'File | Export to Text File'  menu command and print the output text file.

  • Sometimes, you can also find copies of registry files in the Windows\System32\config\RegBack (or Windows\repair) folder.

  • We also added some extra functionality to make exploring the registry more convenient:
    • We have done our best to make our software as fast as possible. For example, searching through the entire registry takes just two seconds (compared to RegEdit, which takes minutes).
    • Navigation history. You can easily go back and forward using the Navigate menu or shortcut keys Alt + Left and Alt + Right.
    • Navigate to command. Extremely useful command available in the context menu (right click a key name on the left pane or a value name on the right pane) and in the data viewers. 'Navigate to' analyzes the current key name or the current data value. If it is a file name, 'Navigate To' opens an Explorer window and selects the file. If the analyzed string is a CLSID or a ProgID, this command will open the corresponding key.
    • Modeless data viewers. Unlike in RegEdit, you can open as many data viewer windows as you want and continue exploring the registry while data viewer windows are open. Use the 'Window' menu to manage open data viewers
    • Bookmark manager. You can easily manage, export and import the bookmarks.
    • Shortcut keys for the bookmarks. Use Ctrl+1...Ctrl+9 keys to open the corresponding bookmark quickly.

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