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Access Password v18.0
for user and database passwords
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Access Password
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Did you lost or forgot Access password?
Try our FREE Access Password Demo to reveal your forgotten password.

Key Features:

1) All versions of MS Access (from 2.0 through 2010) are supported.
2) Database passwords for old Access databases (2003 and earlier) can be revealed instantly.
3) Guaranteed Password Recovery Service for Access 2007
4) Access 2010 Password Recovery Service
5) Fast and optimized password decryption.
6) Easy to use interface! No complicated options: just "run it and get it" approach.
7) Full install/uninstall support.

Supported File Types:

Access 2007, 2010 : .accda, .accdb, .accdc, .accde, .accdt
Access 2003 and earlier: .mda, .mdb, .mde, .mdw

Recovery methods used by Access Password:


  • Unlimited password length.
  • Guaranteed recovery for one document.
  • 1-year free upgrade.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Free support.

Demo Limitations:

  • The DEMO version is able to recover short passwords only (up to 3 characters long).
  • Guaranteed Recovery Service for Access 2007 is available for registered users only.

Password Breaking in Access

MS Access uses the underlying Jet Database Engine. Using Access Password, you can reveal passwords for any Jet databases, not only Access databases.

Note that the security model in MS Access is quite complex (although it is insecure). There are two different password types: user passwords and database passwords. Read this article for more information on Access password types. Note that database passwords were introduced in Access 95. MS Access v2.0 does not support database passwords. In MS Access 2007, the security model has been redesigned; database security has been improved, and user passwords have been removed at all. You can find more information on password types in MS Access in this article.

Database passwords for old Access databases (2003 and earlier) can be recovered instantly. To recover Access 2007 passwords, you have to use the universal password recovery methods, such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack. This may take a long time if the password is long and complex. Fortunately, we offer a unique Guaranteed Access 2007 Password Recovery Service. You can recover any password-protected Access 2007 database within 48 hours - regardless of the password length (databases created with earlier versions of Access can be recovered instantly). You can find further information on Guaranteed Access 2007 Password Recovery Service here. In Access 2010 password protection has been redesigned once again. Now Access 2010 uses the same password protection scheme as do other Office applications, such as Word, Excel or OneNote. This password protection scheme is very hard to break; Access 2010 password recovery is an extremely challenging task. Find more information here.

User passwords are stored in a so-called system database (.mda (old Access 2.0) or .mdw (modern versions) file).

IMPORTANT NOTE: the system database is required to crack a user password. If the system database is lost, there is no way to recover user passwords. If your system database is lost, please contact us for further information). To recover a database password, select the database itself (.mdb or .mde file). To recover user passwords, select the system database (.mda or .mdw file).

Access Password can automatically find the currently registered system database. Note that it is very important to use the correct system database. Often password problems with Access databases are caused by using an improper system database.

Note: We recover lost or forgotten passwords to Access password-protected files, but if your file is corrupted or damaged you can use use special data recovery tools ..more information..

VBA Password
  • Access Password does not recover passwords to VBA Modules in Access databases. If you need to recover such a password, use our VBA Password
All in one MegaPack!
  • All you ever need to fix your password problems in MS Office.

This complete software package comes on a separate CD. See details
OctoPASS - Distributed Password Recovery System!
  • Multiple servers working together to attack your password.
  • Utilize all your hardware.
  • Full control, advanced statistics, maximum power.
Recomended for power users having multiple hardware resources.






Broken databases If a database is broken, Access may erroneously ask for a password. There is no chance to recover such database with any password recovery tool. Access databases often get broken due to a horrible bug made by Microsoft in Office XP. This bug is confirmed (and fixed in the later releases) by Microsoft, more information can be found here. There is a well-known auto-replace feature in MS Word, for example, Word replaces a (c) sequence with a single copyright character. In all databases broken because of this bug, the reverse replacement was performed. The 0a9h byte is replaced with a (c) sequence (ASCII 0a9h is a copyright symbol), 0aeh -> (r) and so forth. As a result Access databases are broken and there is a little chance to convert them back. If you open a broken database with a HEX editor you'll see, for instance, the '(c)' text at offset 21h while the 0a9h byte must be there. Access Password can detect a broken database and raise a warning that the database is broken rather than password-protected. We can try to recover your broken database manually but please note that it is a rather expensive service. Email us for a price quote. In your letter, please specify the size of your database.

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