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find password variationsPassword Variator

Often users run into a problem with their passwords because original password was mistyped. Password Variator will help you in this situation.

Just enter the password and Password Variator will build a file with all possible variations, typos and mistypes inside. Then you can use that file as a dictionary in your password recovery program.

You can use Password Variator with any password recovery software that supports dictionary attack.

Password Variator emulates following typos:

1. missed char (for example: sample -> smple)
2. duplicated char (for example: sample -> saample)
3. extra char (for example: sample -> sqample).
4. wrong order (for example: sample -> sampel)
5. wrong case (for example: sample -> SAMPLE or Sample -> SAmple)

Password Variator can emulate single, double and triple typos.

This program is free.

Download Password Variator

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